DaTangBG National Business Invitation Announcement

2019-04-13 13:31:49 849

Introduction of investment promotion

  • Title of Business Invitation: DaTangBG National Business Invitation Announcement

  • Responsible Department: DaTangBG Market Merchants Department

  • Location of Business Invitation: Other Regions in China except Beisheng Guangchuan

  • Business Invitation Consulting:(+86)010-82346651


Details of investment promotion

DaTangBG are now recruiting agents for the whole country (except the headquarters and branches under the jurisdiction of DaTangBG)

 Franchise conditions   

      1. Identify the brand concept of DaTangBG, abide by business ethics, be pragmatic and honest, and be willing to abide by the business model, service norms and sales policies formulated by the company, and adhere to high-quality service to win customer trust.

      2. Institutions that have certain financial strength and are legally registered  

     3. Have a strong desire to succeed in entrepreneurship, will to develop with our company and confidence in creating and sharing wealth together.   

      4. It has good commercial reputation and strong business ability.        

      5. Have mature and perfect sales channels, network resources and sales team, preferably with experience sales operation experience and team.   

      6. Strong market development ability and high sense of responsibility.   

      7. Have a full social network and a strong sense of sales.   

Agent Support

      1. Actively Share Local Business Opportunities

      2. Communication, Sales Strategy and Sales Method

      3. Supporting Business Opportunities Development and Project Assistance

Pre-sale and after-sale service

      1. Establishment of after-sales service system synchronously with product sales

      2. Unified Standards for the Division of After-sales Service Areas and Product Sales Agent Areas

      3. After-sales service support agencies are set up in the first-level regions to implement the entrustment system and the regional responsibility system.

      4. Answer Customer Consultation 

      5. Training customers on the use of products, matters needing attention, etc.

      6. Maintenance of products during customer use

      7. Solution of Problems in Customer Use

      8. Regular customer visits 


Cooperation Telephone: (+86)13911139477 | (+86)010-82346651 Manager Liu